All boats available have been reserved.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this page.

The race organization has worked hard to make a National Championship in the Pacific Northwest easy for everyone to compete in.

We have located a number of boats that are available for loan.  If you’d like to borrow one of the following boats, please contact the person listed to make arrangements.


Bala: A fast, tippy design paddled by the best paddlers in the world.  Tom Wier 425-232-30383 Reserved 12/29

Ace III: A slightly more stable but still competitive boat.  Mike Baker 360-224-6562 Reserved 6/21


Two Feelings: Denny Adams


Clipper: A fast boat, twitchy, can be hard to turn.  Rich Roehner 360 715-3121

Prijon 89: A great all around boat.  Rich Roehner 360 715-3121 Reserved 12/13/09

Millenium: a larger volume, more stable boat: Denny Adams Reserved 4/3/10

Prijon 89: A great all around boat.  This boat is light, and has a glassed in foot bar. Jennie Goldberg. Reserved 5/30/10

Prijon 89: Contact Seth Eisner at sether at

Shipping Your Own Boat:

Old Dominion Freight Lines has an agreement with USA Wildwater to ship boats ground around the United States.  If you wish to ship your boat, find the nearest ODFL terminal to you on  The closest ODFL terminal to the Skagit is located in Seattle at:

600 S 96TH ST
LOCAL PHONE: (206) 764-5120
TOLL FREE: (888) 806-0890
FAX: (206) 658-1338
For instructions on specifics and for a bill of lading, follow this link:
Shipping should cost $100-150 per boat with ODFL.
Click here for a copy of the bill of lading you will need:
ODFL Bill of Lading
Make sure to call the number above and let them know that you are shipping a boat.  Ask for Shirley– she will make sure it is taken care of and that the freight charges are applied properly.

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